People think its just women who face confusions standing in front of the wardrobe every morning. No that’s not true. Like women, men do feel unclear on which pair of clothes to choose when they a chunk in their wardrobe.

So, coming straight to the point. Here are 5 classic and evergreen steps which shouldn’t be ignored.

Buy why?

Because 90% of your dressing up confusion can be avoided if you follow the classic rules of fashion. Remember, whatever your age is, these tips will definitely win the fashion game.

1.Be Simple and Classic

The first thing you must recognize is that in your desire to shop beginning of every month, you might end up buying a bunch of clothes based on the current fashion trends. This is somewhat okay, but we advise not to do so.

Aim to purchase clothes you see yourself wearing for a minimum of four years. This might sound crazy but it works. Let’s say you buy a quality Jeans from Levi’s store. Our fashion gurus have personally tested and used Levi’s jeans for more than 3 years. Blue jeans are always a classic piece. So make sure you buy it from a good store at a reasonable price.

Be simple and classic

Another important thing to note here is that each piece of clothing has a life span which is dependent on its quality and the fast-changing fashion trends. Obviously, you cannot expect to wear a T-shirt for 4 years, but at least plan to use it for 6 months.

2. Know how to choose coats and colours

What are the top 3 things that you look at when you are buying a coat? Is it the price, the pattern, the fit?

 coats in various colours

If you answer is any of these three, its time to change your mind. A coat is a timeless piece so buy one that is of classic or simple colour. Black, Navy, Blue, Cream, Olive etc are evergreen colours and you won’t regret buying a coat of any of these colours because you can use it for years for and for different occasions as well.

Adding to this, if we talk about patterns, always opt for solids or minimalistic patterns. So lesser the pattern, simpler the colour, better the looks.

3. Dress up well to the office

The 9-5 or 9-6 job at the office takes up a majority of our daily time. So it’s important that you dress well for the office. In most Indian offices, a pair of trousers and a well-fitted shirt are usually acceptable. It is also sometimes okay to roll up your sleeves during summer months.

However, in business meetings, it is always advised to wear a suit. It doesn’t need to look premium or luxurious but a classy and comfortable tapered fit suit is good enough.

dress well to office

A white or light blue shirt is a classic piece and matches with almost all dark coloured trousers.

4. Have proper clothes for winter

have proper clothes for winter

Is jacket the first thing coming to your mind when you think of winter?
It shouldn’t be. The answer should be ‘layering’

Yes, winter is all about layering to resist heat and to keep yourself stylish. Make sure you do it right. For example, don’t wear a visible t-shirt under a shirt. Instead, use a non-visible white t-shirt or undershirt and then layer the shirt with a sweater or jacket.

It also important that you can move your arms and body as you want to, without any discomfort due to over-layering.

When it comes to casual layering, wear a t-shirt or a shirt then layer it with a denim jacket or blazer.

5. Prepare to become casual and trendy

casual and trendy look for men

Casual wear is much easier to style than formal wear usually. But this does not mean that you can match any casual wears together. T-shirt is the most popular, favoured and comfortable casual dress. Always have some solid Tees in your wardrobe because it saves a lot of time when you are confused about what to wear. Some people think that t-shirts are meant for only youngsters and they don’t look good on older people. That’s not correct. Check this great post to find out more about buying a t-shirt and styling it the right way.

Speaking of 2019, white sneakers are getting trendier day by day and it almost suits well with jeans, chinos etc. Also, have a pair of boots and a leather jacket which is a timeless piece and are extremely stylish when paired with jeans.

Do you think there are other timeless wardrobe pieces we missed in the list? If yes, drop them in the comment box below.


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