Looking to celebrate this Onam in style? Want a super stylish ethnic dress code for men? With Onam comes the ultimate Mundu mania!

Though we had done a post on Men’s ethnic wear guide earlier and discussed briefly about Kerala men’s ethnic wear and Mundu, this post is exclusively dedicated to Men’s Onam fashion and styling as well as some amazing looks that men can easily and fashionably recreate this festive season.

Men’s Ethnic Fashion fashion

Keeping up with trends, without exception, men’s attires have evolved too. Shirts have been mostly replaced with kurtas in different fabrics like silk, cotton, linen, cotton silk etc. of varying lengths (short & long ones), and various collar styles in beautiful shades.

All thanks to the wonderful actors and their movies, who have managed to influence the youth and take the Onam fashion scene by storm.


Who said the matching game is only for women?

Since sometime now, men have become quite attentive of matching their mundu kara (the borders) with the kurta/shirt. And today it’s not uncommon to see mundu in different colors too, like deep red, black, orange etc.


And if you think intricate patterns and thread work are now not just exclusive and restricted to women, then you are totally missing out on the game. Today, more and more men are open to experimenting with designer wears!


Some styles for men to try this Onam

So here, we will be discussing a bit more about some very popular styles and outfits that men can try for this Onam.

STYLE 1: Lalettan inspired ethnic styles

Well, keralites need no particular introduction to this recently popular look by actor Mohanlal. It’s a very simple yet elegant and stylish look that you can easily recreate with a a mundu that ideally has a red/maroon shade kara (the banded border) and a matching deep red/maroon shirt or kurta. And the best kind of footwear to pair with mundu are loafers or sandals, ideally in tan, brown or black. And to complete the look opt for a black, brown or tan strapped watch.

Mohanlal Lucifer look

STYLE 2: Kottayam Kunjachan Style by Mamootty

Yet another iconic character in Malayalam movies, Kottayam Kunjachan, had charmed us with his simple and evergreen Kottayam achayan style. And if you would like to recreate the look, remember to choose a mundu with a subtle or neutral colored kara (border) since the whole look is focused on a fully white/creme outfit. Pick a white or creme kurta (or jubba), ideally long one with sleeves rolled up above the elbow. To complete the look, opt for black strapped sandals, a golden chain and and a silver strapped watch!

You can substitute white or creme with ivory shade as well.

Featured here is Alex (image on right below), who has recreated the Kottayam Kunjachan style in his own way, completing the look with a pair of matching juti style footwear.


STYLE 3: Premam Style by Nivin Pauly

A trendsetter look that captured the hearts of the youth of Kerala, Nivin Pauly’s famous look in the popular movie Premam! In fact, the style became such a huge craze that young men flocked to colleges in this ‘Nivin’s Premam look’ for the succeeding Onam and other ethnic celebrations at colleges (especially in Kerala). Even today, this simple look is loved by the youth in Kerala!

Varun in Premam style - Onam dress ideas
Nivin Pauly Premam look

Though, to recreate this look completely you need to have a beard, it can sported by those without one too. Choose a mundu with subtle or neutral coloured kara and you can match this with a shirt or Kurta in a dark shade (like dark grey, black, navy blue, dark olive green, dark brown etc) and ideally has a mandarin collar. And don’t forget the most important accessory, a pair of aviator sunglasses (dark shades). This is a very stylish look ideal for young men.

Featured here is Varun, who has recreated the look with so much elan and charm.

STYLE 4: CIA Style by Dulquer Salman

A simple yet stylish look that you can choose for this Onam is the look sported by Dulquer Salman in the movie CIA.


And to recreate this simple look, opt for a mundu with a silver kara and pair it with a charcoal grey shirt and accessorize it with a brown strapped watch. This is a classy look that suits well for almost all ages.

If not charcoal grey, you can pick other similar colors in the same palette like slate grey, mauve grey etc. Though to recreate the exact look, we recommend using cotton shirts, depending on your preference you can pick the material of your choice.

STYLE 5: Aadu (Shaji Pappan) Style by Jayasurya

Another trendsetter look is the one that was made hugely popular by Jayasurya in the movie Aadu, and even better, a similar look was donned by Hollywood actor Laurence Fishburne (Matrix trilogy fame) at the Golden Globes.

To recreate this funky and stylish look, opt for a red coloured mundu (or even a double colored mundu or dhoti as spotted by the actor in the second installment of the same movie, all thanks to his designer wife) and a black kurta or long shirt. With the long sleeves rolled up much above the elbow (almost the upper arm), pair it with black sandals to complete the look.

This is not something we recommend for formal or semi formal occasions but a funky style that you can sport for a casual occasion in youur college.

Having given you so many different options to chose from, hope you do realise that the Onam fashion is definitely getting as rich as our culture!

So this Onam season, make sure you create some amazing and fashionable vibes with stylish ethnic outfits!

You can let us know your thoughts and share your views on Onam fashion in our comments section below. And if you have managed to get some inspiration from some of the tips and styles we have mentioned in this blog, do share your pics on Facebook or Instagram and tag us!

Disclaimer: We do not own or sell any of these outfits or images shown in this blog, and are for illustration purposes only. All image sources have been mentioned and duly credited.

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  1. I always saw a fashion blog highlighting the needs of women only. But you did a great job here by focusing on the most demanding need of men right now. The whole wardrobe seems empty when it comes to a festive wear. Thanks for this awesome collection of onam outfits for men.


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