Accessories have the capability to transform the whole outfit and thereby elevate the intensity of your look!

But then again, we might not be sure if we want to invest in too many accessories and finally end up not using most of them! So the key is to choose wisely the most effective accessories and how it can compliment your outfits. Hence, ideally, pick classy and staple accessories that will usually never go out of fashion and are  thus making sure that you have quality accessories and at the same time have a clutter free wardrobe!

And if you are someone who cannot make up your mind on which accessories are your most essential ones, then here is a simple and easy guide on the five most essential accessories, which we think, every women should have in her wardrobe.

5 Must have Style Accessories for every Indian Women

5 Must have womens accessories infographic

So here are five most essential accessories that every women should have in our wardrobe:

1. Classic Brown/Tan Watch

A must-have in every man/woman’s closet, a classic brown watch is truly an adaptable and versatile piece of accessory that is stylish and minimalist at the same time.

Though rose gold seems to have taken the fashion scene, nothing beats the look of a classy brown watch. More than just mere time-tellers, watches have now evolved to become an extension your personality and style.

When picking one, ideally opt for a round dial and one that will be perfect for casual and formal occasions. It is always advisable to invest in a good brand and evergreen design so you wouldn’t have to worry about changing trends.

2. Statement Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not just an accessory anymore; they are more of a necessity, offering your eyes protection and at the same time doubling up as a fashion accessory for women and men alike.

When choosing sunglasses, it is not necessary that you stick to conventional styles like aviator; instead you could opt for vintage or retro styles like cat’s eyes. The bolder frames will help bring a character to your whole look and create a unique style and today, there are so many fantastic styles to choose from like oversized sunglasses, vintage round sunglasses, colorful or embellished frames etc.

And more importantly, pick ones that choose your face the best. If you are having a hard time picking one that suits you the best, read this article, that will help you find the most affordable sunglasses, according to your facial shape.

3. Classy Handbag

A woman’s armor, handbags, where she carries her most essentials, from wallets and keys to make up and medicines. And, handbags, unlike most other accessories, are very versatile and every woman should invest in a classy handbag (nothing too over the top), that is ideally a black/tan/brown shade and is perfect for almost all occasions. An expression of style statement, consider this a necessity and a must have and ensure that the one you pick is durable and easy to maintain. Its best to pick a classic design that never goes out of fashion and a moderately sized one (not too big or small) that is easy to carry around (that has both short handles a long strap) too.

Looking for a perfect handbag, but not sure how to pick one? Read this guide to know more on how to choose the right handbag for you.

4. Statement Neck-piece

Accessories are truly capable of transforming your outfit and the whole look by adding the right character. statement jewelry should be a part of every woman’s closet, especially a neck-piece. Pick one that is neither too gaudy nor too dull, but one that would ideally go with most outfits and shades and is capable of bringing a unique character to your outfit. Choose a combination of bright and pastel shades to balance the look.

With long kurtas, sarees & dresses, you could opt for longer neck-pieces. And make sure you keep in mind the neckline of your outfit when pairing them.

5. Scarves

Scarves and stoles can instantly brighten any outfit, especially outfits in solid colors. Hence, make sure you always stock up on printed, floral and pop color scarves in varying lengths to dress up any look. There are several different ways to style scarves and you can pair them with casuals to formal outfits, from summer dresses to kurtis.

In this article we discussed a great selection of scarves that you can wear with jeans as well as Kurtis.

So, which is your favorite accessory? Do you feel we have missed anything? Then drop them in the comment box below!


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