“Sunglasses, like red lipstick, change everything”

The most functional and fashionable accessory, that’s what sunglasses are!
Ever since Hollywood fell in love with them, they have been constant companions of men and women alike. Sunglasses have the power to elevate the complete look of your outfit. Moreover, the right pair of sunglasses can work wonders on your facial silhouette, accentuating your features and face shape.
Just like your keys, they have become an essential accessory for men and women, when stepping out from home.
But its difficult to keep up with the fast paced trend changes in  sunglasses, not to mention the price you have to pay for it. Every other day, the classic styles are getting a facelift by different brands, that it becomes difficult to choose one.

So with the summer in full swing, we have gathered some of the best and affordable styles in sunglasses for women, according to your facial shape.

TITAN Womens Gradient Brown Glares – G028PAFL9A

This kind of style is universally suitable for most face shapes, be it oval or round or square. They are definitely one of the must have kind of sunglasses.
These oval-rectangular shaped glares by Titan has polarized lens and a full rime structure.

TITAN Womens Gradient Brown Glares

Price Range: Rs 1,200 – Rs 2,000

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IDEE Aviator Sunglasses  (Green)

People would go green with envy when they you sporting these ultra chic aviator style shades by IDEE.
Another universally flattering design for most face shapes, this one comes with a green lens and the black and gold metallic frame makes it look very cool.
So when in doubt, choose an aviator to save the day!

IDEE Aviator Sunglasses GreenIDEE Aviator Sunglasses Green

Price Range: Rs 1,800 – Rs 2,700

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Kenneth Cole Aviator Sunglasses  (Grey)

Aviators have always been in rage! This classic design, worthy of the cockpit, hardly ever goes out of style, may be because it is suitable for almost all face types.
By Kenneth Cole, these grey aviator sunglasses with silver metallic frame is a great choice.

Kenneth Cole Aviator Sunglasses Grey
Price Range: Rs 1,500 – Rs 2,800

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Pepe Jeans Round Sunglasses  (Grey)

Ideal for those with a square or heart shaped face, these round sunglasses by Pepe with a vintage charm, is a great steal. Round sunglasses are quite in trend among the youth today. They have the ability to soften angular facial features.

Pepe Jeans Round Sunglasses Grey

Price Range: Rs 1,600 – Rs 2,700

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Kenneth Cole Aviator Sunglasses  (Blue)

Another one from Kenneth Cole, these trendy blue aviator sunglasses will take your style sense to a whole new level. Since this design of sunglasses are ideal for face shapes ranging from oval to square, they are sure to be a favorite.

Kenneth Cole Aviator Sunglasses Blue

Price Range: Rs 1,500 – Rs 2,700

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Lee Cooper Cat-eye Sunglasses  (Grey)

We have got you heart face shaped beauties covered with these subtle cat eye sunglasses by Lee Cooper. Also a great match for those with oval face shape, cat eyes have an old  school charm to them.

Lee Cooper Cat eye Sunglasses

Price Range: Rs 1,500 – Rs 2,500

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FILA Unisex Square Sunglasses EC274

Get your brother or boyfriend to buy these super stylish sunglasses and you can flick them!
Being a unisex design, these square sunglasses by FILA, is a versatile accessory. They are the most ideal for those with a round face as these geometric designs can make your face appear longer.

Fila Unisex Square Sunglasses

Price Range: Rs 1,800 – Rs 2,900

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MANGO Women Mirrored Oval Sunglasses 23035665

Oval sunglasses are a great fit for most facial shapes. Especially, if you have a square face, then this design can help contour your sharp features.
These sunglasses from MANGO has a unique mirrored oval design, that provides a hip look.

Mango Women Mirrored Oval Sunglasses

Price Range: Rs 1,200 – Rs 2,700

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FASTRACK P338BK1F Cat-Eye Sunglasses

This retro-vintage design is a perfect fit for those with oval or diamond face shape. The cat eye style of sunglasses, that was the obsession of Hollywood and was often sported by Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, has an old school charm to it.

Fastrack Cat eye Sunglasses

Price Range: Rs 1,800 – Rs 2,700

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