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From Chanel to Sonam Kapoor, we provide you the fashion mantras to live by. Vintage, street style, desi, classic, we will help you create some of the best looks and give you style inspiration.

We are a group of fashion enthusiasts keen to help those in need of a little fashion inspiration, ideas and to give you a fresh take on the latest trends and infuse some glamour into your day!


To be the preferred destination for fashion buying tips and advises for people in India.

Aparna Rajeev (Founder, Fashion Suggest)

Fashion for all

We all perceive fashion differently. For some, it is anything comfortable and functional yet vibrant, for many it is experimental and funky and for others it could be sassy and exciting. Most often we spot the latest trends in magazines, ramps, fashion outlets or online but can be at a loss as to how to incorporate or interpret them in your own way and into your wardrobe. We help in making the latest trends work for you, irrespective of ages and sizes since we believe in fashion for all!

Covering latest fashion trends

The only constant factor in the glamorous world of fashion is change! Some fashion trends might last a few seasons whereas others vanish in a jiffy. From coveted fashion magazines like Vogue, Verve & Harper’s Bazaar, the runways of NY & Paris, the ramps of Elle & Lakme, to the best red carpet styles, we observe, interpret and present to you the latest trends in fashion.

Facilitating access to India’s best styles

You can now easily recreate some of the best looks of your favorite celebrities with a little help from us; know the latest trends of every season as soon as they come in, be it avant garde, haute couture or street style!

Feedback & Improvement

To fuel our passion in affordable fashion for men and women, we believe in open and honest feedback from our users. As part of our continual strive for perfection, we try our best to address and inculcate any queries, complaints and suggestions.

How we Help?

The infinite number of online shopping websites, countless number of styles pouring in everyday and innumerable deals, only adds to the perplexity. We have seen people who spend copious amounts on branded wears and designer labels expecting to recreate certain looks but the reality might have been disappointing quite so often. This could be because they chose the wrong cut, colour or design. But with us you’ll never go wrong again!

Be it to look like a diva in an LBD or dapper in a tuxedo, rest assured, you wouldn’t now need to spend hours searching for the best outfit in the latest style! We offer you the top suggestions available from various online shopping portals that would make you feel like you have your own personal shopper!


We aim to provide the best possible experience to our users and are on a continuous learning and improvement process. Hence, we would love to hear back from you. So show us your love, support and hatred! Any feedback/complaints, kindly let us know through our Contact Us form.

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