To wear or not to wear a T-shirt’ is our question for the day!

T-shirts and denims are such a popular and favorite outfit among men that they rarely want to get out of it! Having evolved from being a mere underwear, T-shirts have a rugged, iconic history; the comfort, functionality and accessibility made them so popular in the first place. And its true that when worn right, t-shirts are suitable for much more than the gym or beach. BUT there are certain places that you really can’t or shouldn’t wear them! Dress codes aren’t  for work place alone.

So here are some occasions where you should never wear a T-Shirt.

1. Interviews

A strict No-No! Even though you may see Mark Zuckerberg himself sporting t-shirts to his meetings, and irrespective of how many others telling you that t-shirt with a blazer can be a business casual, they are NOT!
Interviews are a very formal occasion and to be dressed for the hour you should ideally be in a solid/striped shirt, neatly tucked in.

2. Weddings

A wedding is categorized as a formal event. And tees are not definitely appropriate for anything formal. Hence, unless specified that it is a themed event (like a beach wedding), you should stick to ethnic/formal attires or the dress code set by the wedding party.

3. Business Events

The best hang-out and relax wear, a tee is the most comfortable and the go-to outfit for everything casual! But when it comes to business events (from corporate meetings to business conferences, product launches and corporate events), a t-shirt can never be a part of it. In such cases, a suit is your best chance convey that you mean business.

4. First Date

Admit it! T-shirts are not the best-looking outfit out there, regardless of your body type. So when you are out to make a good first impression, it is better to wear something just a little sharper.

5. Parties

Tees are ideal when hanging out around the house, for get-together with old friends, and running errands , but are less ideal for parties where you are going to be meeting lots of new people. Moreover, parties often have a dress code and you will need to dress up accordingly.

6. Elite/Affluent Restaurants

Dress to dine! Imagine you have just managed to get reservations at a restaurant of your dreams and you have no idea what dress code to follow. Most elite and upper class restaurants are pretty strict about their dress code, and so it is obvious that a t-shirt comes nowhere near. Restaurants usually follow different categories of dress code, from casual and business casual to business formal and full suit. Hence, it is better stick to something formal like a shirt when visiting a fancy restaurant.

T-shirts have definitely become a simple go-to staple of most men’s casual wardrobes. But that doesn’t mean you should grab and wear them without any thought. For men, who want to evolve as chic, dapper and classy, always remember that you will never get a second chance to create a last impression.

So what are your thoughts? Do you think there are more situations where you should avoid wearing a tee? Let us know in a comment!


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